How to print order forms from Business Alerts

In the Sales Orders tab, use the print buttons and drop downs next to the refresh button.

Utilizing Business Alerts for your Sales Order Management can be an extremely efficient tool when processing multiple orders at a time. Not only can users Schedule Sales Orders based on certain criteria like Type, Due Date, Workflow Status, and Salesperson, they also have the ability to print the Sales Order forms from this window. Based on the filters set and selected orders, users can choose to print the Sales Order, Picking, and/or Shipping Documents.

Print Forms Business Alerts

  1. Do get to this window, go to Alerts > Business Alerts or click the Alerts button on the icon bar.
  2. Select the Sales Order Mgmt tab
  3. Filter based on Order Type (Scheduled, Backordered Status, Backordered Items, etc.), Due Date (Requested/Promised), Workflow Status, and/or Salesperson.
  4. If you need to Schedule, go ahead and do so.
  5. Select specific orders you wish to print forms for and use the following menus:
    • Sales Order Forms
      Print Order
    • Picking Forms
      Print Pick Forms
    • Shipping Forms
      Print Shipping Forms
  6. Acctivate will show a Report Preview to verify the orders each have the required information to print the forms (Scheduled lines for picking/shipping documents, etc.).
    Report Preview
  7. Print when ready. The Workflow Status will automatically update when printing the Pick Ticket forms to Pick in Progress after printing just like it does when printing from the Sales Order window.