How to resolve reports printing cut off?

Sometimes when attempting to print reports in Acctivate, reports may preview and print partly cut off. Please review this article to help resolve the issue

Most of the time when attempting to print from a redirected port Acctivate may print reports partly cut off. Unfortunately, the Crystal Reports framework does not support printing via WSD or redirected ports. There's a few different options you can attempt in order to print.

  1. Change the Acctivate default printer to "Microsoft Print to PDF" and then proceed to save the file as PDF and print the report that way.
  2. Change the printer to a TCP/IP port instead of a redirected remote port and then attempt to print the report.
  3. Use TSPrint in order to print remotely via a redirected port.

Please Note: TSPrint is a 3rd party software and is not support by Acctivate support. We are unable to help you set it up, nor are we able to troubleshoot issue with TSPrint. Consider using an evaluation license from TSPrint to test the software out before purchasing it.