How to Sell an Assortment.

With the sales order line selected, click the Assortment button. For each relevant component, add ordered quantities to schedule them in full or enter the scheduled quantities manually.

The following steps are performed from a sales order (if you need help entering a new sales order, see Enter a new sales order).

  1. In the Detail tab of the Sales Order window, click in the Product ID field and either manually type the ID followed by the tab key or lookup the item to select.
  2. From the Choose Product lookup window, select the product that is a assortment. In this same window, you can filter on these items by selecting Assortment from the Item Typefield.
    Sort on Item Type
  3. In the Ordered column, enter the total quantity ordered.
  4. Remain on that data grid line and click the Assortment button to select the proper components being ordered.
  5. In the pop-up window, enter the quantity of each product that needs to be picked in the Ordered column. These will be removed from stock when the invoice is released.
    Assortment on Order
  6. Close the Assortment window when finished.
  7. Save and process the order as you normally would
  8. When you Create invoice, the components are taken out of stock.