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Syncing Acctivate and QuickBooks Desktop

This article will show you how to sync Acctivate and QuickBooks

In order to push all financial information about your inventory, sales and purchasing to QuickBooks, you'll need to initiate a synchronization with QuickBooks from within Acctivate. Please be sure to check out our training page for additional learning about the QuickBooks sync.

  1. From the QuickBooks menu on the title bar, choose Synchronize with QuickBooks.
  2. Click Start Sync to begin the sync process.
  3. The next window will show which part of the sync Acctivate is working through beginning with connecting to the QuickBooks file. If the file isn’t open on your desktop, this step may take a few seconds to complete.
    • You should see all rows marked with a green check. A red X indicates an error, a yellow triangle stands for warning, and a red circle with a line through it means the current QuickBooks user doesn’t have permission to sync the specific table. Make sure to resolve errors to ensure future synchronizations complete successfully. You can find out index of sync errors here.
    • Sync Warnings are mostly informational and notify you that something may have changed since the last sync. These typically do not require any action. For more information on how the sync works, check out this article.
    • For more information about what syncs between QuickBooks and Acctivate, check out this article.