Acctivate mobile overview.

Acctivate offers a mobile warehousing module for the ability to perform various tasks such as picking, receiving, transfers, counts and more on the go. Acctivate mobile is available for Android Devices.

Acctivate Mobile Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is an application designed to run on handheld devices with an Android operating system. Before continuing, please review the System Requirements and perform the Acctivate Mobile Warehouse Software installation on your server and handheld device.


If you'd prefer to read a guide of Acctivate mobile and all of it's functions on one single page, please check out our Acctivate Mobile docs page.

Logging into Acctivate Mobile

After installing the Acctivate app on the device:

  1. On the handheld device, look for the Acctivate icon and click on it to open Acctivate.
  2. Select the Company (this will default to the last company that logged into).
  3. Enter your User ID and Password.
  4. Click Login.

Log-ins are shared between Mobile and Desktop. We strongly suggest each user have their own User ID and Password as the picking process is logged by user and if a pick is in progress by a user, it cannot be opened by another.

Once logged in, you will be taken to the Main screen which provides the following options:

  • AssemblyClicking the Assembly button will open the Inventory assembly module allowing you to enter in a transaction number, scan a barcode containing the number or choose the transaction from the list. You can also create a new assembly session.
  • CountsClicking the Count button will open the count sheet screen.
  • Pick: Clicking the Pick button will open the list of sales orders to pick or a list of picklists to pick (if Picklists are enabled).
  • Product Info: Clicking the Product Info button will open the Product Info screen. Here, you can lookup a product to view information such as inventory quantities, transactions, the locations the product is stocked in, and product notes.
  • Receive: Clicking the Receive button will open the Inventory Receipts screen.
  • Transfer: Clicking the Transfer button will open the Inventory transfer screen allowing for opening existing transfers or creating new ones. 
  • Menu: Clicking the menu icon in the upper left hand corner will open a menu. This menu contains three modules, Barcode Info, Configure and Log out. 
    • Barcode Info will allow you to scan a barcode and see how Acctivate would parse the barcode in the program.
    • Configure will allow you to change the webservice URL and test the connection. You can also choose to validate or not validate the SSL certificate. We recommend you only choose not to validate when instructed to by your IT or a support rep.

Windows Mobile:

The Windows Mobile operating systems supported by Acctivate are no longer supported by Microsoft. We will attempt to continue to support Windows Mobile devices as long as possible, however Windows Mobile users should make a plan to move to Android devices as soon as possible.

Visit our Windows Mobile documentation for any questions on using Windows Mobile.