Updating Acctivate.

Acctivate workstation updates are streamlined to make things as convenient as possible for the user.

Acctivate uses one installer to handle installs for Server and Workstation as well as updates. The installer also handles Acctivate for QuickBooks and CYMA. The installer will check your license to serve you the appropriate file. You will still need to update the mobile webservice using the mobile installer. The unified installer is only for desktop.

Our update process has been simplified so now you can begin the Acctivate update on any computer, rather it be the server, or a workstation. Once one computer has been updated, all users will be prompted to update Acctivate. For a smaller release, you will not be required to update each computer immediately, but it is recommended to do so.

For larger releases that require database upgrades, you will be required to install the update for any computer using Acctivate, and someone with System Administration permissions will be required to run a database update.

For more information about our update process including the mobile update, please refer to our docs page.