Importing an ACCTRPT file into Acctivate.

To import a .acctrpt file into Acctivate, go to File > Configuration Management > Reports > Report Catalog and click the Import button.

When receiving a new or modified report, customers will sometimes receive an .acctrpt file. This file type is specific to Acctivate and includes all the Configuration necessary to run the report from the moment it’s added to the Report Catalog. The following steps will walk you through how to add this new report to your Report Catalog:

  1. Save the .acctrpt file on your desktop or downloads folder. You can also save it directly in the Custom Reports folder if you choose.
  2. In Acctivate, go to File > Configuration Management > Reports > Report Catalog.
  3. Select any of the folders shown in the Report Catalog and click Edit
  4. Choose to Import the report along the task bar in the Catalog
  5. Select the file you saved on the Desktop, Downloads folder, or in the CustomReports folder. The CustomReports folder opens by default after clicking the Import Report icon.
  6. If updating an existing report, 2 prompts may appear. If so, chose accordingly.
    1. The message "\\{ServerName}\AcctivateData\CustomReports\{ReportName}.rpt exists.  Overwrite?" - Selecting Yes will replace the report with the same name in the CustomReports folder. Chose "yes" to replace the report if the .accrpt file has requested changes. Selecting No will not replace the report in the CustomReports folder but will still import the report definition. Chose "no" to keep the original report instead of replacing it in the CustomReports folder.
    2. The message "Report ID '{ReportName} ' already exists.  Replace existing report definition?" - Selecting Yes will override the Configuration Manager report definition, including the Selection Criteria prompts. Selecting No will not replace the existing report definition or Selection Criteria prompts.
  7. Save changes when done. Your report is now available to any user with the proper permissions depending on user settings.