How do I Include Pick Tickets/Pack Lists on the Service Order Window?

Add a new report under Configuration Management > Reports > Report Catalog that has a document type of "Service Order Pick Ticket" or "Service Order Shipping Document". In v11.0 or newer, this is not necessary.

NOTE:  Starting in Acctivate version 11.0, Service Orders now share pick tickets and pack lists with Sales Orders since the report document types Service Order Pick Ticket and Service Order Shipping Document have merge into the variants for sales orders.  If you need a separate pick ticket or pack list for service orders, add it as a secondary form for printing.

Including Pick Tickets/Pack Lists on the Service Order Window

By default, the Service Order screen does not have the option to print or email Pick Ticket or Pack Lists. If users frequently include inventoried items on Service Orders and need a way to pick these items, there are a few quick steps you can follow to copy existing Pick Ticket and Pack List reports and include them on the Service Order screen.

  1. Open Configuration Manager by going to File > Configuration Management
  2. Select Reports > Report Catalog, then click Edit
  3. Navigate through the report folders Order Processing > Forms, then select the Pick Ticket report *
  4. Click the Copy Report button at the top of the window to copy this report.
  5. Acctivate will prompt you to select a destination folder for the report. Select Order Processing > Forms, then click “Select”.
  6. Back in the main Configuration Manager window, give the report a unique ID and description, then select Service Order Pick Ticket * from the Document Type drop down list. This will ensure that the report will appear on the Service Order window.
  7. Save your changes, then exit Configuration Manager. You should now see this report as an option to print on the Service Order screen.

* Note: to display the Pack List report on the Service Order window, select the “Pack List” report in step 3, and the Document Type “Service Order Shipping Document” in step 6. All other steps in this process are identical.