Insufficient quantity on hand for component(s) error message

Users may receive the following notification below when attempting to post an Assembly Session. This message means that 1 or more of the components in the assembly session do not have sufficient quantity on hand as of the transaction date for that assembly session. You will have 2 selections to choose from:
  • "Yes": The assembly session will post regardless of the inventory level for those components.
  • "No": The assembly session will not be posted. This will give the user the opportunity to review which components are negative as of the assembly transaction date and make changes to those products if needed.

If you need to understand how or why 1 or more of those components are negative, you can view the product transactions tab for that component. Keep in mind that you will need to review the warehouse that is configured for the assembly component.

Insufficient quantity on hand as of 2/6/2020 for component(s):

button: -xxxxx on hand in warehouse D.

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