Resolving the "Internal error when processing the request" error mean?

Info on how best to handle this sort of error between QuickBooks and Acctivate

QuickBooks has been known to have “corrupted” records after a problem occurs in the database.  These problems may be caused by a disk failure, bugs or ironically the Verify/Rebuild function.

Acctivate is sensitive to these problems since they may affect the queries made by the QuickBooks Sync function.  Instead of returning the requested records, QuickBooks may return the following error:

1000 There has been an internal error when processing the request.

Subsequent records may not appear in Acctivate and/or QuickBooks once this error occurs.

This type of error can generally be resolved by running the Verify and Rebuild functions from the File > Utilities menu in QuickBooks.  You must switch to single-user mode and backup the QuickBooks file to run the Rebuild function.

Please contact the Acctivate Support Team if these problems continue to occur.

Do NOT contact QuickBooks support to resolve these problems without first consulting with the Acctivate support team.

Intuit Data Services may be able to resolve the problem by creating a new QuickBooks company file, but that will NOT be able to synchronize with your existing Acctivate database.  Intuit Data Services should be a last resort when a QuickBooks data file cannot be opened or has major damage and you are prepared to create a new Acctivate database.