Inventory Count overview.

Questions about how to execute an inventory count or concern before counting your inventory in Acctivate? Check out this article for information and links to all of our other count related resources!

Inventory counting can be a stressful time for a company as you're trying to balance your normal everyday business while trying to count your inventory. Acctivate makes this process easy and painless with many easy options to break down your count into various easy to count chunks. Acctivate also offers cycle count functionality to allow you to create your own count cycles so you can ensure your inventory is done just the way you like it. 

We have a variety of resources on Inventory counts, and for the convenience of our users, we've compiled them all into one helpful article, allowing you to jump straight to where you need to. 

Prefer a more guided approach to Inventory Counts? Check out our training page for a guided walkthrough of counting inventory, as well as all of the Acctivate basics.

  1. What is an Inventory count?
    1. For a quick overview of Acctivate's Inventory count and how they work, check out this article!
  2. How do I perform an Inventory count?
    1. Ready to get right down to business and count your inventory? Check out this article for step by step instructions on how to do so on Desktop.
    2. Are you a visual person? Check out this video for a visual about how to count.
    3. Also be sure to check out our docs page for step by step instructions on how to perform counts in Acctivate. 
  3. How do I perform a mobile count?
    1. Using Activate mobile to do your inventory counting? Check out this article for step by step instructions on how to do so.
    2. Prefer to do a Mobile Blind count? Check out our Blind count article!
    3. Also be sure to check out our docs page for step by step instructions on performing mobile counts in Acctivate.
  4. How do I organize counts by zone?
    1. Do you have your inventory split up by zones? Check out this article on how to organize your counts by zone.
  5. How do I count using count cycles?
    1. Prefer to count your products in different cycles? Check out this article for instructions on how to assign cycles to products. 
  6. Inventory Count Variance report.
    1. Finished counting your inventory and ready to view your variance report? Check out this article for an explanation of how to read and understand this report.
  7. How do I handle inventory with multiple users?
    1. Tackling your inventory count with a team? Check out this article for some tips about how to do so efficiently.

Extra guides/Questions:

As you can see, we provide many resources for our users to be able to perform inventory counts without the stress and anxiety associated. 

Have additional questions not answered by our KB's, or running into an issue while counting? Reach out to our support team, we're here to help!

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