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Why are Inventory Transactions Synchronizing as Batch Journals in QuickBooks Desktop?

In Acctivate for QuickBooks Desktop, multiple transactions are batched into a single journal in QuickBooks. This article will explain that more.

Inventory Transactions Synchronize as Batch Journals

Posted inventory transactions in Acctivate are reflected in QuickBooks Desktop by batching together like transactions into Journals, then syncing those Journals over to QuickBooks. This help article will cover how those transactions are batched into Journals.

Acctivate boasts an array of different types of transactions which can be posted within the system. These include (but are not limited to) Receipts, Adjustments, Assemblies and Transfers. When syncing with QuickBooks, Acctivate will batch all transactions of the same type into a Journal together, meaning that Receipt transactions will all sync together, Assembly transactions sync together etc. 

It’s also important to remember that Journals batch all of these transactions at the time the sync takes place.

In the screenshot below, we can see the Inventory Receipts report with the Selection Criteria set to only show receipt transactions posted on 2/15/2016. Notice that sessions 55-60 all posted in one day.

2-15-2016 2-08-34 PM

In our next screenshot, you can see the Inventory Detail Journal Report with the Selection Criteria set to only show the transactions which exist in Journals posted 2/15/2016. Notice that we can see sessions 55-60, but 55-57 are related to Journal 1153, while sessions 58-60 exist in Journal 1154.

2-15-2016 2-28-58 PM

This is because a sync took place between when session 57 posted and when session 58 posted. So, when the sync took place after session 57 posted, all transactions posted from the day so far were batched into Journal 1153. Then another sync took place after session 60 was posted, so all transactions posted after Journal 1153 was created were batched into the new Journal 1154. Also notice that the Adjustment transaction (session 61) exist in a Journal by itself (1155).

As you can see, all the Receipt transactions are batched together in Journals by themselves. No Adjustments, Transfers or any other transactions share the Journal with Receipts. You can also see how these Journals are batched at the time of sync, so depending on how often you sync, you could have Receipts for a given day batched into several Journals or if you just sync once per day at the end of Business, all those Receipts would exist in a single Journal entry.