Invoicing a Purchase Order.

Here we go over the steps you need to take to invoice a purchase order in Acctivate

Acctivate streamlines the entire purchasing management process, including invoicing a purchase order. 

The purchase invoice is the document you receive from your vendor which covers the payable amount of a specific purchase order that you have placed with them. Enter a Purchase Invoice from Vendor in Acctivate completes the lines which you are invoicing on the Purchase Order. If you’re invoicing the entire Purchase Order, creating the vendor invoice will change the status of the PO to Completed. The vendor bill is coordinated with the purchase order and the actual amount that was shipped or received.

We recommend creating the PO Invoice after receiving the items into stock (when the products are inventoried or special order), however it is not required before entering the bill. When entering the invoice after receipt, Acctivate will reconcile any difference in PO pricing between the PO Invoice and Receipt session at the time the bill is created. The amount of time between receipt and invoice will not affect this transaction as long as the period is open. However the accountant will need to manually reconcile the Purchases account (Accrued Purchase Receipts) when creating the Purchase Invoice before receipt if difference in pricing exists between the receipt and vendor bill. For more information on the accounting side of these transactions, check out this our accounting guide..

There are two ways to create a Purchase Invoice in Acctivate. From the Purchase list, or from the PO it self.

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  1. Initiate from the Purchase list.
  2. Initiate from the Purchase Order window