Uninstalling an Acctivate update.

Once an update is installed for Acctivate, it cannot be undone or reverted.

From time to time after installing an update to Acctivate, users may wonder if it is possible to go back to a previous version of Acctivate. This can be desired for a number of reasons. However, Acctivate users should be aware that once an update is installed into their system, it cannot be undone or reverted.


Acctivate's update process doesn't place the update on top of the previous installation. There are numerous changes within the database and the connected code that are tightly integrated across the system as a whole. In essence, the infrastructure of the system has changed and changing back could have numerous negative effects.  Therefore, to protect the data of our users, we do not allow for reversion to a previous edition of Acctivate.

If you are running into any issues that are causing you to desire a rollback to an older version, feel free to contact Acctivate Support by creating a support request.