Adding Time to a Service Billing Activity.

Open a Business Actvity > New or Edit existing Activity > Related Items > Add > Add Customer > Find Customer, and select the customer > Add time

The Service Billing feature is a plug-in extension to the Business Activity add-on module and it allows users to track and bill for time and materials on service calls that are tracked in Acctivate.

Begin by opening the service activity:

  1. Open the existing service activity in the Business Activity Management module (or create a new one by clicking the Create new activity button).
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. In Related Items near the bottom of the Business Activity window, click the Add button.
  4. Select Add Customer from the menu, that opens.
  5. From the Find Customer window, select the customer you will charge for time.
    You must select a customer in order to be able to turn the Service Billing Activity into a service order from the Business Activity window (which is a final step, discussed near the end of this document).
  6. Click the Add time button, or click ” CTRL-T” to open the Time tab. The system will automatically add a new entry row for you.
  7. You may change the amount of lines that the entry rows display. 1, 2 or 3 lines are available.
  8. Please note the different information fields that either display or accept data from you. These field names are designed to be self explanatory, but each field will be discussed in this document.

Add Time

Next, start to fill out the information

  1. Select the date that the service was performed on (or the date that you want to show).
  2. Select the employee that performed the labor. This is a drop-down list of all eligible employees, however this may be left blank.
  3. Select the labor item that was performed. This drop-down list includes all of the products that are configured with an item type of “labor”.
  4. Enter the amount of time to include on this line. Remember that the unit is set by the labor item.
  5. You have the option to change the billing rate for this row. Your options for the billing rate drop-down list include:Standard
    Shows the labor on the order and the price.N/C (no charge)
    Shows the labor on the order with a 100% discount, so the customer sees the original price.N/B (no bill)
    Don’t show the labor on the order.
  6. Next, you can enter reference information in the reference field, if desired.
  7. Enter a work description. This is a special instruction line that will show up on the invoice. You can click and type in this box or click the box that is flushed to the right inside of this field to open up a fill text box.

Line 2 (if selected)

  1. The next (second) line shows the description of the item, the warehouse, the price code, price, discount percentage and the final amount for the line.
  2. You can manually set the price by typing it in the price field.
  3. You can also set a line item discount percentage to discount the price on this line.
  4. The total amount for labor will be displayed in the amount field.

Line 3 (if selected)

Finally, the last (third) line on the row is used for an internal private note. Type anything that you want in