Correcting Incorrect Inventory Receipts without voiding.

The following solutions use reversing transactions to correct a mistake. You can also Void the posted Inventory Receipt transaction and re-enter it.

Here are a few examples of ways you can correct mistakes made when posting receipts.

Note: The following solutions use reversing transactions to correct a mistake.  You can also Void the posted Inventory Receipt transaction and re-enter it.

Scenario A:  You inadvertently post an incorrect inventory receipt for a Purchase Order.

Solution A:  If inventory items were “over” received, you can correct this by posting a negative, reversing receipt. So, from the Purchase Order, select the ‘Receive’ Button.  This will start a new Receipt.  Use negative quantities to reduce the total quantity received for the PO.

For example: If you received 50 widgets on a shipment, but accidentally performed an inventory receipt for 55 widgets, you should enter another inventory receipt for -5 widgets. Your inventory will then show a total of 50 widgets received for that PO.

Scenario B: A user has posted an Inventory Receipt on the incorrect Transaction Date.

Solution B: You will need to post a reversing receipt and then post a new receipt for the proper date. So, post a receipt on January 10th to remove the quantity. Then, post a new receipt on January 1st with the proper date.