How Do I Adjust Inventory?

Inventory > Adjustments > New > enter the desired information into the header fields > select the product > enter Quantity > Post > Yes

The Inventory Adjustment process allows you to change the inventory level for products in the system.  In this process, a new session is opened and a transaction is added to this session.  From there you enter the products that need adjusting, using negative or positive numbers to adjust their current quantities and then you update your inventory with these new adjustments.

Adjusting Inventory:

  1. Open the Inventory Adjustments window by selecting Inventory > Adjustments on the menu bar.
  2. Click the New session button.  A new transaction will automatically be created in the session.
  3. Enter the desired information into the header fields.  This includes the Reference, Adjust Document, Description and Warehouse. Document Date will automatically populate its field with the current date, but it can be changed.
  4. In the data grid, click inside the Product ID field and enter the product ID manually or click on the Lookup  button that appears in the field.
  5. If the Lookup button was clicked, in the Find Product window, select the product you want to adjust inventory for. The Unit and Description fields, will automatically be populated.
  6. Enter a number into the Quantity field, in which a negative number will reduce the on hand quantity by that number (for shrinkage) and a positive number will add to that quantity.
  7. If necessary, enter information into the Lot/Serial Number and Note fields.
  8. If the adjustment contains multiple products, repeat steps 6 through 8 for each one.
  9. When you have entered all the products that need to be adjusted, save the transaction.
  10. When you are ready to update the inventory, click the Post  button near the top.
  11. A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to post your inventory transaction. Click Yes if you are sure you have entered everything correctly and want to post your inventory transaction or if not, click No.
  12. The Inventory Adjustments-Transactions Report window will automatically open when you have successfully posted your inventory transaction.
  13. Select the appropriate buttons, to print or preview the report for the products you just adjusted.

Viewing the Inventory Adjustments-Transactions Report later:

  1. To view the Inventory Adjustments-Transactions Report later, select Inventory > Inventory Reports.
  2. Open the Transactions folder and double-click Inventory Adjustments.
  3. In the Filter field set the logical operators (All, Between, Equal To, Not Equal To, Greater Than, Greater Than or Equal To, Less Than, Less Than or Equal To, Like, In, or Not In) for the session and date as appropriate for the transaction you want to view. For example, if the session number of the transaction is 81 then you would set the Filterfield of the session to Equal To and type 81 in the Value 1 field. Since session 81 is the only one you want to view you would leave the Filter field set at All.
  4. When you have all the fields set, so that you can view the appropriate reports, Click either the Preview or Print button.