Locating Voided Transactions.

Voided transactions are completely deleted. The only remaining record is the number of the inventory session that was voided and when.

Unlike voided invoices or canceled orders, voided transfers, receipts, or other transactions voided through the Void Inventory Session tool are not able to be recalled and viewed again after being voided. This can understandably be confusing for users at times. When an inventory session has been voided, the data belonging to the included transactions are actually deleted from the database entirely.

The only records of the voided transactions exist within the tbINVRegister table in the database via the “Voided Date” and “Voided By” fields. This table keeps track of which transaction numbers have been voided, but it doesn’t contain any information about the details of the transactions themselves. This information can be useful in a custom report or excel query to find out when a transaction was voided and by whom.

Since this is the only remaining data following a voided session, users will need to completely recreate the transactions if they were voided by mistake. There isn’t a way to simply undo this process once done, so just make sure the sessions in question are the ones that really need to be deleted.

If only certain users should have the rights to do this, you can adjust the user permissions for this process within the Configuration Manager.