Managing Assembly Components.

You have 2 options to do this: Product Component Import via Excel or Manually on the Product window

When utilizing inventory assemblies, there are times when you need to update or change the components listed on the finished good. Any changes to the component list will be reflected on new assembly sessions. You have 2 options to do this:

  1. Product Component Import via Excel
  2. Manually on the Product window

To manually modify the component list, follow the steps below.

  1. Select Inventory > Edit Product from the Acctivate desktop or click the Product icon to open the Edit Product window.
  2. Click Edit on the toolbar and click the Components tab
    1. edit-components
  3. Delete or remove a component by highlighting the row and pressing the Delete key on your keyboard. A prompt will appear asking if you wish to delete the row.
    1. delete-component
  4. Add components by clicking in the Product ID field and either using F4 to open the lookup window or clicking the browse button to choose the new item.
    1. add-component
  5. Update the component default Warehouse by clicking in the Warehouse field and choose an alternate warehouse. This is the Warehouse the component is typically pulled from for the assembly.
    1. update-default-component-warehouse
  6. Update the Quantity by clicking in the Quantity field for the item and updating as needed.
    1. update-component-quantity
  7. Mark or unmark as variable by checking or unchecking the Variable box. This is only available with Custom and Process Assemblies. When a component is marked as variable, the users can remove it from the session entirely or update the Actual Qty used per transaction.
    1. mark-as-variable
  8. Enter a Sequence number in the # column to override the default, alphanumeric component sequence. This is the order in which the components are listed on the assembly session.
    1. enter-sequence
  9. Click Save on the toolbar.  Note: changes will only impact future Assembly transactions.