How Do I Transfer Inventory Between Warehouses?

Inventory > Transfers > New > From Warehouse, select where you are transferring inventory from > To Warehouse, select where you are transferring inventory to

This process allows the transfer of inventory between company warehouses and warehouse locations.

Transferring inventory between warehouses:

  1. Select Inventory > Transfers on the menu bar to open the Inventory Transferswindow.  

  1. Click the New session button. A new transaction will automatically be created in the session.
  2. In the From Warehouse drop-down field select the warehouse you are transferring inventory from.    

  1. In the To Warehouse drop-down field select the warehouse you are transferring inventory to.
  2. Complete all other necessary header fields (i.e. Reference, Transfer Document and Description).

Start Entering Products

  1. In the data grid, click inside the Product ID field and enter the product ID manually or click the Lookup button (to select the product(s) you want to transfer from the Find Product Lookup window).
  2. In the Quantity field for each product, enter the quantity.
  3. For any Lot/Serial Controlled products you will also need to select the Lot/Serial number that you will be transferring.   

Selecting a warehouse location

Inventory can be transferred between warehouse locations as well as between company warehouses if a product has multiple locations set up (Locations for a product can be viewed in Product Information window > Inventory tab > Locations tab).

When a product is entered in the Product ID field the From Location and To Location fields will both automatically populate with the primary location that has been set (in the Product Information window) for that product for the selected warehouse.

To select the appropriate locations to transfer from and to, click in those fields and select the location from the drop-down.

  1. When you are done, review the products on the screen and save the transaction. Your inventory in the database has not been posted yet.
  2. To post your inventory transaction, click the Post button.
  3. A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to post your inventory transaction. Click Yes to post (update) the inventory. Click No to stop the posting process.
  4. The Inventory Transfers-Transactions Report window will open when you have successfully posted your inventory transaction.
  5. Select the appropriate buttons, to print or preview the report for the products you just transferred.

Viewing the Inventory Transfers-Transactions Report later

  1. To view the Inventory Transfers-Transactions Report later, select Inventory > Inventory Reports.
  2. Open the Transactions folder and double-click Inventory Transfers.
  3. In the Filter field set the logical operators (All, Between, Equal To, Not Equal To, Greater Than, Greater Than or Equal To, Less Than, Less Than or Equal To, Like, Inor Not In) for the session and date as appropriate for the transaction you want to view.
    For example, if the session number of the transaction is 81 then you would set the Filterfield of the session to Equal To and type 81 in the Value 1 field. Since session 81 is the only one you want to view you would leave the Filter field set at All.
  4. When you have all the fields set, so that you can view the appropriate reports, Click either the Preview or Print button.