Selecting Multiple Lot/Serial Numbers On An Assembly Component.

If the required component quantity is greater than the available quantity of any individual Lot/Serial Number , the user can select to split the Lot(s)/Serial Number(s) used by the component in an Assembly.

In the screenshot below, we can see Assembly build session 64 which will build 1 of TP10214 in the D warehouse. One of the components of TP10214 is TL10242, which is a Lot Controlled product. A quantity of 4 is required from the component, TL10242, in order to post this Assembly. Looking at the Lot/Serial # drop-down, we can see that TL10242 has 2 Lots with available quantity. A060189 has 2 available, A073187 also has 2 available.

After selecting Lot A060189 from the drop-down, a warning populates stating that the selected Lot does not have sufficient quantity available to fill the component quantity requirements and asks if you would like to add another Lot for the component.

After clicking OK, an additional component line populates on the Assembly. In the screenshot below, notice that TL10242 still has a quantity of 2 for Lot A060189 on the first line, but the quantity has changed from 4 to 2 (the available quantity of Lot A060189). Now a new line appears at the bottom of the components list for TL10242 with a quantity of 2 (the outstanding required quantity). The new line will allow Lot A073187 to be added to the Assembly build transaction. This can be repeated as many times as needed until the required component quantity is met.