How to use the Mobile Sales Order Entry Module.

On the mobile device: log into Acctivate > Sales Order > select an Order Entry option > enter product > enter quantity > when ready to print, click the checkbox > click checkbox to submit order

Mobile Sales Order Entry is a mobile add-on module that allows you to create sales orders on a Pocket PC as you walk around scanning products with a built-in barcode scanner or by manually entering product ID’s, which tie into your main Acctivate system. Mobile sales order is currently only available on Windows mobile. An Android order entry module will be coming in a later build.

Create New or Open Existing Sales Order
  1. Log into Acctivate on your handheld device. Enter your login information (i.e. Company, User ID, Password) and then click the OK button (green checkmark icon).
  2. The main menu will open with two options, select Sales Orders.
Mobile Emulator Sales Orders


3. In the next screen, you have 3 selections:

Order Entry
  • Warehouse – Select when creating a new Sales Order, if different from the default warehouse shown
  • Create a new Sales Order – You have the option of selecting the Customer ID on this screen. When doing so, either type the ID and press the blue arrow to submit or use the magnifying glass to lookup a specific customer.
    • The lookup displays 10 customers at a time. Use the Up and Down buttons to see alternate pages. Select a customer from the list or click in the search field to enter the first few characters manually (with the keypad).
  • Open an existing Order – Select or Scan a Sales Order number to open

4. On the next screen you will enter the products for the sales order. Lookup a product by clicking the Lookup button or scan a product with a barcode scanner.

Order Entry Detail


The lookup displays 10 items. To navigate through the pages, use the Up and Down buttons. Select a product from the list (highlight and click green checkbox) or click in the search field to enter the first few characters manually.

  • When a product is selected, Price, Quantity Available, and Order Total will display. You can also, click the Info button (circle icon with “i”) to view additional product details (i.e. Inventory, Transactions, Note, and Notes).
  • In the Notes tab you can enter a note by clicking the + button (next to the notepad icon).
  • Click the Back button (blue left arrow icon) to return to the previous screen if you are in the Info screen.
  1. Enter a quantity of the product by scanning it multiple times, clicking the ∧ or ∨ icons, or by entering it manually.
  2. After you have entered a product and its quantity, to select another product click the Enter button (bent green left arrow icon).
  3. Repeat steps 4 – 6 for each product.
  4. When the order is ready to submit, click Green checkbox next to Order Entry.
  5. A confirmation message will appear asking if you want to Submit order? for the selected customer. If necessary, you can change the customer by following step 3.2 above.
  6. Click the Yes (green checkmark icon) to confirm the order submission or click the Back button (X icon) to edit any information. You can also choose to print the order using the provided checkbox.
Submit Order Save