Creating a Custom Bar of records in Manager windows.

Any of Acctivate's managers will allow you to create custom bars for records.

Included in the Manager windows are some standard views. We recognize our users may want to create a custom view of records for their unique needs. 

For this example, we're going to create a custom bar with buttons for each of our sales reps to look at and quickly see their orders in the sales order manager. These steps apply across all of Acctivate's manager windows.

Creating custom bars:

In the Manager window, select the “Configure…” button on the toolbar.  The Configuration window will open.
The Configuration window is split between the Bars tree and a preview of each bar and button.  

You will notice some bars are greyed out.  These bars are default views and cannot be modified.
In the Bars section, you can select to either add a new bar or copy an existing bar.  Typically, users will copy an existing bar and modify the selections according to their own needs. When creating a new bar, you will be prompted to name this bar.
If you select to copy an existing bar, you will find the buttons from the copied bar will now exist in the tree for your new bar.  Here, you can select each button and modify the selection by adding or modifying the selection criteria.

If you select to create a new bar, the first button will be added for you.  You will need to name the button and then add the selection criteria for that specific button.
In the Amount field, you can select which amount you would like to have summarized and displayed on the button.
You can continue adding buttons to your custom Bar by clicking the [Add] button at the bottom of the Configuration window.
For a run-down on how to create custom buttons using salesperson orders as an example, check this article out.