What are "Other Amounts" on Purchase Orders?

Overview of how to use the "Other Amounts" tab

When preparing an Invoice from a Purchase Order, you may notice a tab in the Purchase Invoice window called “Other Amounts.” This article will explain the function of this tab.

The screenshot below shows the Purchase Invoice window and the Other Amounts tab . Other Amounts allow you to enter an additional expense to the PO which will be added to the total of the PO Invoice.

In the screenshot below, you can see the Other Amounts tab on the Purchase Invoice window. Here, you can enter a description for the additional cost owed to your Vendor, as well as the amount of the additional cost. You are also able to define a unique Expense Account for the amount defined (see our Inventory Accounting Entries article).

If using the Landed Cost module, you can load the Landed Cost session into the Other Amounts tab by checking the Landed Cost option, then adding the Landed Cost session. The Other Amounts added to a PO Invoice will be for some charge that is due to the Vendor in addition to the sum of the cost of product. It’s assumed that this additional cost would be added to the products. This can be down with an Added Cost transaction, or a Landed Cost transaction.