Packaging Manager overview.

The Packaging Manager module allows a user to package orders into shipments containing multiple cartons within Acctivate. Check out this article for links to our training guides on Packaging Manager.

The Packaging Manager module allows users to package orders into shipments containing multiple cartons for effective packaging management. This gives you the ability to see which products are in which cartons. If you sell and ship to EDI trading partners, you may be required to send an EDI Transaction (856 Advanced Ship Notice) which details the cartons and carton contents in a shipment. This requirement for EDI packaging management would be satisfied by using the Packaging Manager module.

Configuration Options to consider:

There's a few things to note before diving into Package Manager:

  • Ensure that your list of carriers (with their SCAC codes), carrier services, and ship-via's are configured in Configuration Manager. You can find out all about those options here on our docs.
  • If you'd like to have package shipment suggested as a next action on your sales orders, you'll need to enable the "Show Packaging Shipment" button on the sales order. If you need assistance with doing that, please check this article.
  • Ensure that your packaging units are properly set per product if you'd like to utilize the ability to auto package shipments by packaging unit. 
  • To save time with Inner Pack, Outer Pack and Weight, be sure to set those per product on the edit product window under the "Specs" tab. 
  • If you're required to print a Serial Shipping Container Code barcode (SSCC barcode), you need to set the Package Prefix in Number section of Configuration Manager.

Using Package Manager:

Once you've configured all of the various settings that you need for Package Manager and for your EDI partners, you're ready to use Packaging Manager. Packaging Management with Packaging Manager is split into three main steps. Preparing, packaging and processing. 

  1. Prepare/Create Shipments 
    1. From an individual order.
    2. From Order Manager
    3. From the "Create Shipments" window.
    4. From a picked Picklist.
  2. Package Shipments
  3. Process Shipments