How do I link a record to a business activity?

Acctivate can facilitate your business processes by linking a variety of records to a Business Activity. These can include customers, sales orders, vendors, transactions, etc.

Note: These instructions can also be used to attach Customer Locations, Sales Quotes, Sales/Service Orders, Credit Memos, Products, Lot/Serial Numbers, Inventory Transactions, Vendors, Purchase Orders, Contacts, other Business Activities, and Custom options.

  1. Open a new or existing Business Activity
  2. Click Add in the Related Items section, then select the record you wish to link
    1. ri
  3. Depending on the record, select or type in the record you'd like to link in the applicable box.
  4. The record will now show on the activity under "Related Items" like so:
    1. ba-customer-3

The Business Activities related to the record will also be found in the record's edit/enter window under the Activities tab or on the list windows under the timeline tab.