How do I login to Acctivate's database in Crystal Reports?

If you need to log into the database within Crystal Reports, take these steps.

When working with Crystal Reports, it will prompt you to log into the database to access your company information. This will also allow you to preview your data within Crystal Reports. Follow these steps to log into the database:

  1. Select the SQL Server from the Server drop-down or enter it manually if you don’t see your server. The server name can be found by looking at the Database Sources section in Acctivate Database Maintenance. Click on MSDE and then copy the Server Name.
  2. Enter the user sa
  3. Enter the SQL Server password for user sa. (Contact your System Administrator for the sa password.  If your System Administrator doesn’t know your sa password, an Acctivate Support rep can assist you with recovering the sa password.  Submit a Support Request for assistance.)
  4. Choose your company database from the database drop-down list, so you can access your data.