Understanding the Login Window (Splash Screen)

Login Window (Splash Screen)

The Acctivate login window, also referred to as the “splash screen” contains valuable links and information. This article discusses some of the login window features that commonly get looked over when users start Acctivate.
spash screen

  1. The left side of the window you shows the latest announcements from Alterity. These can range from holiday hours, tips on using the software, or other company information. Clicking on the image will open a related web page in your default web browser.
  2. The current version number of Acctivate is located on the top right portion of the window
  3. Links to the Tour Guide (for new users) and the main Acctivate website are found in the bottom right corner of the window
  4. If multiple company files exist, users can change companies by using the drop-down menu next to “Company”