Managing customer contacts.

Contact Management is included in Acctivate's Customer Relationship Management functionality. For tips on how to manage customer contacts, check out this article for a link to our training guide.

Multiple customer contacts can be stored for each customer in Acctivate. Having contacts in one database eliminates the hassle of re-keying them when they are needed throughout the system and allows access to all users within your organization.

Once you have established contacts in the Customer window their information will appear in several other windows, such as Business Activities, Sales Order and Sales Quote windows associated to that customer. Each of these windows will display the main contact’s name, phone number, fax number and email address by default. If a user selects a ship to location with specific contact info, the sales order will default to said information. Users can also toggle the contact information displayed in each window.

Check out our training guide for up to date information about managing Customer Contacts in Acctivate.