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Considerations for migrating from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online for Acctivate users

Acctivate offers an integration with QuickBooks Online.  For new customers currently using QuickBooks Online, your Onboarding Specialist will create an Acctivate company file linked to your QuickBooks Online company.  

For existing Acctivate users that are synchronizing with QuickBooks Desktop versions that have interest in moving to QuickBooks Online, you will need consider the following:

  • Acctivate's database structure is different depending on which edition of QuickBooks you are using.  Therefore, an Acctivate company file that was created to synchronize with QuickBooks Desktop can NOT synchronize with a QuickBooks Online company.  There is no way to convert the database to do so.
  • Existing Acctivate users that plan to migrate from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online will be creating a new Acctivate database. The old Acctivate database will still be available for historical purposes.
  • In order for our Onboarding Team to assist you with creating a new Acctivate company against your QuickBooks Online company, you will need to purchase a new Company Creation.  Please contact your Account Rep for more information.
  • An Onboarding Specialist will assist with the new company creation. This service includes general Acctivate company setup, including the following:
    • Configuration Management settings
    • Product List with beginning balances, vendor prices, and product prices
    • Customer ship to locations, contacts, and pricing
  • This service does not include creation of the QuickBooks Online company. You will need one created prior to the migration appointment. A few key differences between desktop and online QuickBooks companies:
    • Sales Reps do not exist in QuickBooks Online. We sync the employee list to create the sales rep list in Acctivate.
    • Payment terms with early payment discounts are not supported in the online version of QuickBooks
    • Only one Accounts Receivable and Payable account is used for Sales/Purchasing unless utilizing alternate currencies. If you currently use multiple AR accounts, Branches in Acctivate will be used for reporting rather than GL accounts in QuickBooks.
  • Plan ahead.  These projects typically take 1-2 business days and need to be scheduled in advance. 

If you have additional questions, please reach out to your Account Manager and we will do our best to answer those.