Resolving “Missing Account” Journal sync error.

During synchronization with QuickBooks, Acctivate users may receive messages similar to "Error Journal...Missing Account."

“Missing Account” Journal sync error

During a sync with QuickBooks, Acctivate users may receive messages similar to:

Error Journal SubmitGLJournalBatch: error while creating journal entry ‘somejournalID’: There was an error when saving a General Journal transaction.  QuickBooks error message: Missing account.

This error is typically returned when transactions have been posted either against a warehouse that have no GL Accounts set or, the transaction is posted using a non-inventoried or labor related product in which the expense accounts aren’t set.

The Journal sync errors can be easily resolved by simply setting the required accounts in Configuration Manager.

  1. Verify the Warehouse GL Accounts are set up properly for each warehouse.  You can read more about all of the required GL Accounts here.
  2. Verify the non-inventoried cost offset accounts are set properly for each warehouse in Configuration Manager.  See more regarding these non-inventoried accounts here.