Resolving a missing journal entry in Quickbooks.

If a journal entry is missing in QuickBooks or does not match the original Acctivate entry, take these steps.

The Synchronize with QuickBooks function will automatically re-create any Acctivate journal entries that were modified or deleted in QuickBooks. This behavior is to ensure that the Acctivate inventory is balanced with the Inventory Asset account in QuickBooks.

Therefore, you can manually delete the journal entry in QuickBooks and it will be re-created during the next synchronization by Acctivate.

Use the following procedures to re-create a journal entry that doesn’t match the original entry from Acctivate:

  1. Open QuickBooks as Admin or a user with permission to delete journal entries
  2. Press Ctrl+F to open the Find window. Alternatively, you can click Find from the Edit menu
  3. Click the Simple tab if it’s not already selected
  4. Select Journal from the Transaction Type drop-down
  5. Enter the Journal Entry No. and click Find
  6. Select the journal entry in the list and click Go To
    • NOTE: There may be duplicate entries for the same date/amount. In that case, you may want to delete all entries and let synchronization re-create the correct one.

7. Press Ctrl+D to delete the journal entry

    • DO NOT PROCEED if the transaction date is prior to the closing date and you are prompted to enter a password.
    • Acctivate CANNOT re-create journal entries prior to the closing date.

8. Open Acctivate and Synchronize with QuickBooks

9. Switch back to QuickBooks and verify the journal entry was re-created properly.