How Do I Use Mobile Picking?

On the mobile device, log in to Accctivate > Sales Order > Picking > select/scan the Sales Order > update picked quantity > press the check mark when finished > select the Workflow Status > press the check mark to submit order

When using Acctivate on a mobile device, the Sales Order Picking process differs from the process within the desktop app. We keep the handheld software more simplistic to enable the user to quickly scan items and move through the system. New to Version 11.1, Acctivate Android now offers a picking module. Scroll to the bottom for a link to our docs page explaining Android picking.

Windows Mobile

Note: The screen shots below are from the mobile emulator rather than a physical handheld device.

  1. Log into the Acctivate company and press the Sales Order icon
    Mobile Emulator Sales Orders
  2. To pick a sales order, press the Picking icon
    Mobile Pick
  3. This opens the Order Picking screen where the user can choose filters to show specific orders or they can scan the barcode on the order form to pull up the specific Sales Order. The following options are available when selecting the order manually:
    1. Branch – If you have multiple Branches setup in Acctivate for your different store locations, the user can select their specific Branch to only see orders pertaining to that location.
    2. Req. Date – Based on Requested Date of the Sales Order
    3. Workflow Status – Pulls from the Workflow Status on the Sales Order. By default, a combination of the Workflow Status specifications. (Please Note: Only orders in workflow statuses of "Ready to Pick," "Pick on Hold," or "Pick in Progress" will appear in mobile picking.)
    4. Page # – There could be multiple pages of orders ready to pick. Use this toggle to go through each page or specify a specific page.
  4. If you scanned the order, skip this step. Once you’ve specified the necessary filters, select the order you wish to pick by highlighting the order and pressing the Right arrow on the top of the screen.
    Order Picking
  5. The product will be selected based on Product ID, Alternate Product ID, and UPC. With the order open, the user has 4 options to select the item:
  6. Manually select the line and enter the quantity
  7. Scan the item one time with the option to Pick complete sales order by default checked in Configuration Management > Mobile > Order Picking
  8. Scan the item repeatedly until you’ve scanned it enough times to pick the number of items
  9. Scan the item and toggle the Picked quantity
  10. If you are using Lot or Serial Numbers, the user can scan the Product ID. When choosing the items manually, select the specific item and press the # button on the screen. This brings up the Lot/Serial lookup window where the user can scan this information. Continue to select or scan Lot/Serial numbers until you’ve fully picked the quantity you need.
    Lot Numbered Picking
  11. Press the Green check on the top left hand side of the screen to go back to the Order Picking window after selecting the Lot/Serial information
    Lot Number Selection
  12. Once all the items you wish to pick have been processed, click the Green check at the top of the Order Picking window. This brings the Submit Order? window into view where the user can select a Workflow status for that order, as well as printing the Pack List and Shipping Labels.

Submit Order


For instructions specific to Android mobile, check out our docs page.