Configuring the EDI Exported Filename Structure

Your EDI VAN or Trading Partner may request a modification to the EDI filename structure when you are in the process of setting up a new EDI Trading Partner.  Modifying the filename structure can be accomplished by modifying the Trading Partner Mailbox File Mask, which is located in Configuration Manager.

  1. In Acctivate, go up to File -> Configuration Management
  2. Double-click EDI in the tree to the left to open the EDI configuration.
  3. You may set the filename at the system, partner, or document level. If setting at the system level the mailbox file mask should be blank on the partner level.
  4. Select the trading partner or <System> from the Trading Partners list on the left hand side.
    1. If setting on <System> or Partner level select Partner Options > Show Advanced🔽 > Outgoing Files.
    2. If setting on the document level, select the document
  5. Update the Mailbox File Mask. In the example, below, I am modifying the filename structure for the Customer Invoice (EDI 810 ) for the 'TEST' trading partner.


You can double-click in the Mailbox File Mask field, which will give you a list of default options, which are:

  • %PartnerID%
  • %TransactionID%
  • %BranchID%
  • %FileStamp%
  • %TimeStamp%

You may add multiple fields using the formatting above for each field and separating with an underscore ( _ )

For more information about trading partner options, check out our docs page.