Why is my new company not showing up on Acctivate Mobile?

If your new Acctivate company isn't showing up on your login screen on the mobile device, take these steps.

If you create a new company in Acctivate Mobile WMS, you may need to restart the webservice in order for these changes to take effect in Acctivate Mobile WMS.

There are two ways to restart the web service Acctivate uses.

  • Restart the web service from within Internet Information Services (IIS). On your server, go to Administrative Tools -> IIS Manager. Drill down on the Connection window to SERVER -> Sites -> Default Web Site -> ACCTHandheld. Right-Click ACCTHandheld and select ‘Refresh’.
  • From the Mobile device, open Internet Explorer. Browse the the Acctivate Mobile WMS Installer page, which is in the form, ‘http://servername/accthandheld’. At the bottom of the installer page, you can select to restart the web service. You will have to provide Acctivate login credentials to accomplish this.

Once you have restarted the webservice, open Acctivate Mobile WMS again. You should now be able to see your new company in the drop down List.