How do I fix the "Not Implemented" error that shows when printing Crystal Reports?

If you get this error when printing your reports, take these steps.

A “Not Implemented” message may be received in Acctivate if some component being used in the Report isn’t available on the workstation in which the report is being printed/displayed. Users may also be prompted to run Acctivate as Administrator when starting Acctivate. For a number of reasons, components may not be copied or installed on the workstation properly.

To figure out which components are causing this problem, you may be able to find the related component referenced in the Exception Log file. In Acctivate, go up to Help -> Acctivate Support -> Email Acctivate Log file, then click “View” to open the Log. The error will resemble something along these lines:

C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\IDAutomation Uni XL.ttf is older than \\SERVER\ACCTivate\ClientFiles\IDAutomation Uni XL.ttf. Copying from \\SERVER\ACCTivate\ClientFiles\IDAutomation Uni XL.ttf

To resolve this issue, follow these steps below:

  1. Navigate to your server on your network and check the dates as shown below.5-17-2013 1-39-22 PM
  2. Navigate to the C:\Windows\Fonts on your machine, you may have to add the date modified field to check.
    5-17-2013 1-35-59 PM
    To do this right click in the upper part of the window and click on Date modified field to add it. You can drag it next to the file names for easy viewing.
    Windows Font Folder View
  3. If the Date modified on your machine is older than the date on the Server for the IDAutomation Uni XL, you will copy the file from your server and paste it in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder on your workstation.
    5-17-2013 1-48-14 PM
    5-17-2013 1-49-30 PM
  4. After updating the fonts, you may need to reboot your computer to see the changes.