Why is the Sales Order Locked?

If you have Advanced Picking enabled, the Sales Order will be locked from changes when you have an open Picklist.

Starting in Acctivate version 11, if you have the Advanced Picking module enabled in Configuration Manager (under File > Configuration Manager > Sales Orders > Picking), after creating a Picklist, you may notice you cannot edit the Sales Order detail lines. This is because the lines on an open Picklist are locked to prevent changes to the order that the Picklist should reflect. 

The Picklist is created for scheduled lines. If you cannot make changes to a Sales Order in Edit mode that is not Completed or Cancelled, check the Picklists tab on the Order Entry window. If there is a Picklist open, you will notice:

  1. Awarning icon (a triangle with a yellow exclamation mark (!)) on the Picklists tab.

  2.  A message that reads "On incomplete picklist when you hover over one of the fields to edit on the Detail tab. If the line is locked you cannot edit fields such as Line Type, Product ID, Warehouse, Ordered, Unit of Measure, or Scheduled quantity. You can hover over any of these fields to see the message.

  3. On the Picklists tab, you will see any Picklists created.


How to resolve locked Sales Order detail lines

  1. If the Product isn't already picked or shipped, delete the Picklist with the Sales Order. You cannot modify the Product once it is on a Picklist as Acctivate assumes it is ready for picking or already being picked.

    1. In Save mode, on the Picklists tab of the order, select the Picklist from the list on the left pane. Then, use the Red 'X' button to cancel the Picklist. 

    2. Or, Open the Picklist in the Picklist Edit window and use the red 'X' to delete the Picklist


  2. If you need to add a new Product, add a new line to the Order Detail tab under the locked lines. 

  3. Create a New Sales Order. Then create a New Picklist.