How do I handle a new QuickBooks company file

Whenever the need arises to create a new QuickBooks company file, Acctivate customers have two options:

1. Synchronize existing Acctivate database with new QuickBooks file

2. Create new company files for both QuickBooks and Acctivate

The first option is typically chosen whenever the linked QuickBooks file hits some kind of corruption which cannot be repaired. This gives the users the ability to continue using their existing Acctivate database while being able to sync with a clean QuickBooks file. On the other hand, there are times when a customer opens another segment of their business with a separate tax ID or needs to separate historical from new data due to a merger or acquisition. When this is the case, the second option is available.

Link Acctivate to a new QuickBooks file

An in-use Acctivate company file can be linked to a new QuickBooks Company file. This allows users to continue working in Acctivate without losing data or having to recreate any of your historical Acctivate information.

QuickBooks and Acctivate share internal record IDs. Because of this, some very specific planning will be required. Typically, there are two parties involved in the project:

· An Onboarding Specialist from Alterity, Inc. will assist with updating your Acctivate company file to link to the new QuickBooks internal IDs

· A QuickBooks Pro Advisor will assist with the migration of list items and beginning balances from the old QuickBooks file to your new QuickBooks file. Your Onboarding Specialist can refer a QuickBooks Pro Advisor that’s familiar with these types of projects.

Create a new QuickBooks company file and a new Acctivate company file

If a company prefers to start over with both a new QuickBooks company file and a new Acctivate company file, we can assist with this project as well.

Once a new QuickBooks Company file has been set up by the company or a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, your Onboarding Specialist will create the new Acctivate company file. Some data can be copied from the old Acctivate company file but is limited to:

· Configuration

· Customer information

· Products and their initial balances

· Open Sales Orders with outstanding quantities

For more detailed information on a company migration please reach out to your Account Manager.