Why am I receiving "Invoice not released. Order has scheduled kits with components not stocked in the selected warehouse(s)?"

When trying to create an invoice for a sales order containing a kit item you may receive this message:

This message means that the kit product and one or more of its component products are not stocked in the same warehouse. When selling a kit, it's a requirement for the components to be stocked in the same warehouse as the kit itself. This means selling a kit product out of the F warehouse will require the components to be stocked in the same F warehouse.

It is important to note that products found in kits can often be sold either by themselves, or can be pulled together with other products to sell as a single unit.  When making a kit product, remember a kit is a non-inventoried product 'group', comprised of inventoried components, therefore if a Kit and Component are not stocked in the same warehouse, the component cannot be included as part of the kit.

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