What do I do if I get the "Order number is required" error when saving an order?

The steps to resolve this error can be found here.

Acctivate tracks the “Next Number” to be used for each transaction type. In high volume situations, you may actually exceed the range of available order numbers. Instead of “looping” back to the first number, returning the error below:

Order number is required. Please enter a unique order number.

The solution to this issue will require you to update your number configuration.

First, check the Numbers configuration for Sales Orders and adjust accordingly:

  1. In Acctivate, go to File > Configuration Management
  2. In Configuration Manager, browse to Company > Numbers.
  3. Take a look at the Document Numbers for the Document ‘Order’.
    1. For example, if the High Value is ‘999’, change this to be ‘9999’.
    2. This will allow more Sales Order Numbers to be created by increasing the digits used in your Sales Order.If all available Sales Order Numbers have been used, then add another ‘9’ to the High value.

If there are sufficient Sales Order Numbers available, which haven’t been used, it may be that either a Sales Order Number has been overwritten with a space or the Sales Order Number is blank.

  1. Open the Sales Order window in Acctivate
  2. In the Order Number field, type in a space and press TAB on your keyboard
  3. If a Sales Order is retrieved, then you will need to assign a NEW Sales Order Number for this order record
    1. Use the “Next Number” from Configuration Manager or simply assign a new, unused order number
  4. Save the Sales Order
  5. If no Sales Order is found, try opening the Sales Order lookup and sort by OrderNumber. If you find a Sales Order that has a blank Order Number, edit this Order and enter in an Order Number and save.
  6. You should be able to create new Sales Orders properly now