Why is an order showing as on hold due to a customer over limit with no outstanding invoices or credits?

In this article we go over the reasons for this and methods to resolve it.

If an order is on hold because a customer shows as ‘Over Limit’, but no Invoice, Credit, or Payment shows as being unapplied or outstanding, there may be a configuration setting you should review. You can now include unbilled Time and Materials in Business Activities in the Credit Check. To review this, follow these steps:

  • Open Configuration Manager -> Customer -> Customer Options.
  • In the Credit Evaluation section, notice the last option, called ‘Include unbilled time and materials on business activities’. If this option is enabled, it is possible the customer may be linked to a Business Activity in which Time and Materials may have never been billed.
  • You have a couple of options on how to resolve this.
    • Disable this option. Business Activity Time and Materials will no longer be used in calculating a Credit Status
    • Review the related Business Activities for the Customer, by selecting the Activities tab on the Customer. Open and review the Time and Materials tabs here for unbilled items here. You can either create a related Service Order or you can delete the entries on these tabs.