Override Schedule Quantity on a Sales Order

How to override Schedule Quantity on a Sales Order and a review of related Configuration Management Settings

Configuration Managements options that impact Sales Orders Scheduled Quantities:

  • Schedule Out-of-Stock Products:

    • When enabled, Acctivate will schedule the full ordered quantity, even if the product has no availability or is out of stock. This means Acctivate will not place any quantity on backorder automatically.
    • Accessed from File>Configuration Management > Sales Order > Order Options > Schedule Out-of-Stock Products.

  • Override Scheduled Qty:

    • When set to "No", the scheduled quantity cannot be manually changed. When you add an item to a sales order the order will schedule as much as is available.
    • Accessed from File>Configuration Management>User>User Information>[User]>Sales Order>Override Schedule Qty.
    • This option is Configurable per Acctivate User.