Overview of Acctivate's purchase order functionality.

An overview of the various parts of a purchase order.

In this article, we'll cover the various parts of Acctivate's purchase order functionality. Acctivate offers a lot of powerful functionality in the purchasing side to help your business to better accommodate your customers.

To access the Enter Purchase Order Window, click the "Purchase Order" icon on the tool bar, or click on Purchasing -> Enter Purchase Orders.

New Purchase Order:

After opening the Purchase Order window, you can create a new PO by clicking on "New" or hitting (CTRL + N.) Below is a look at how the PO window will look:


Purchase order numbers, like sales order and other document numbers are generated according to your document numbering setup although you can override this is needed.

Be sure that you set your vendor, requested date, and the warehouse that you plan to order for. 


The detail area is where you can enter in your products to order, the quantities and pricing. All of this will be carried over to the receipt when you go to receive the product. You can also modify the vendor address, ship to address, contact, terms code, ship via, and requested/approved date. Vendor info, terms and contact info will automatically pull from vendor information synced in from QuickBooks and the ship to address will pull from your warehouse address set in configuration manager. 

The detail tab can accept 'P' line items as well as 'N' line items and '*' line items (notes.) The detail section shows four different quantity columns:

  1. Ordered- How many you are ordering.
  2. Received- How many have been received in so far.
  3. Outstanding- How many need to be invoiced.
  4. Invoiced- How many have been invoiced so far.

PO Detail

Additional Info tab:

The additional info tab is where you can enter in data for any purchasing custom fields you have as well as set the shipment requested, promised, not before and not after date. Here you'll also see how many dats until the requested date as well as a brief timeline.

Additional Info

Invoices Tab:

The invoices tab will show all invoices generated against the PO. You can void the invoices from here if you have appropriate permissions.

Notes, Activities and email tabs:

The remaining tabs are for as needed, niche information. The notes tab allows you to create internal notes for the PO such as special info for receiving. The activities tab will show all business activities in which the PO is associated with. The email tab will show emails related to this particular PO rather the email be created in Acctivate or dropped into Acctivate from outlook.


This concludes the overview of the Purchasing window in Acctivate. For additional learning, check out these resources: