What do the Packaging Options mean for EDI Configuration?

When creating packages with Package Manager for the Advanced Ship Label (ASN) 810 EDI file, you can choose between Automatic, Single Carton, or No Auto Packaging option for each Trading Partner. This guide explains those options.

Under File > Configuration Manager > EDI > Trading Partners, in Advanced options for your Partner Options, you can specify how Acctivate handles the Trading Partner orders in Packaging Manager. For more information on the Carton Options in the Packaging Manager Packaging Shipment window, please review our guide. 

Packaging Options

Automatic: Creates packages based on the Product Specs tab Inner and Outter Packs as well as the Unit of Measure. 

Single Carton: Puts the scheduled contents of the order into one package. 

No Auto Packaging: Does not automatically designate packages. You have to manually pack the packages in the Package Shipment window.