Performing an inventory count.

Here we list the steps required to set up, count, and enter the count into Acctivate to update your inventory levels.

This is the process for performing a formal inventory count. During this process you will prepare and print count sheets, take a manual count of your inventory, enter the count, post the count to the system, and review a variance report. The overall goal is to reconcile the product totals in the computer with an actual physical count.

Important note about performing Inventory Counts:

It is VERY important that you stop all stock movements, post all existing inventory and sales transactions and invoice all shipped orders before preparing and printing count sheets. Acctivate will take a snapshot of the quantity on hand at the time you run the Prepare Count Sheets function. The count adjustment will be based on the “snapshot” quantity and will NOT be adjusted based on additional transactions entered while the Inventory Count is open.

Acctivate allows you to continue processing some transactions. You may continue to enter sales quotes, orders and purchase orders during the inventory count without any conflict.

You may also enter some transactions that affect inventory, but keep in mind that the count should be based on the inventory PRIOR to those transactions.

  • Mark incoming Inventory Receipts as “Do Not Inventory” (DNI) and don’t include them in the count
  • Count WIP components in your inventory count as they are still part of your inventory and included in the on hand calculation.
  • Record count quantities BEFORE picking inventory for sales orders that must ship during the count.
    • If sales orders must ship during the count, include the shipped products into the count quantity as they were still in inventory when the count was created.
  • Do NOT process Inventory Balance Adjustments/Inventory Adjustments during the Inventory Count

Also, if you are unable to create a count sheet, please follow step 7 of the Prepare Count Sheets section below to verify whether or not you already have a pre-existing count sheet.

Prepare Count Sheets
  1. Warning: It is VERY important that you process all of your inventory transactions before you print the count sheets.
  2. If you do not complete your transactions first, your inventory levels will be off when you enter your count.
  3. Select Inventory > Print Count Sheets, which will open the Print Inventory Count Sheets window.
  4. Start in the Prepare tab in the ‘Select for count’ section.
  5. Select the Warehouse that you want to count.
  6. Optional: Select a Product Class that the inventory list should be prepared from. 
  7. If you do not select a product class, then all products will print. Printing each product class individually breaks the count sheets into smaller groups.
  8. Optional: If you perform counting cycles, enter the alphanumeric code that you want to count. 
    1. Cycle counting allows you to count products according to the cycle number that you give products in the Inventory tab of the Product window.
  9. Next, determine how you want the count sheets to be sequenced when printed. For example, you can sequence it by
    1. Product ID
    2. Description
    3. Location, Product ID
    4. Location, Description
    5. Product Class, Product ID
    6. Product Class, Description
  10. Click the OK button to prepare the count.
    1. Important Note: If you have previously created a count sheet and never entered a count for it, you will be unable to continue and a prompt will open that reads,” There are no products to be counted that match the selection.”
      1. You must delete the old count sheet in order to continue:
  11. Select Inventory > Enter Count to open the Inventory Count Entry window.
  12. In the Count Sheet field select the count sheet.
  13. To delete it, click the Delete count sheet button.
  14. Repeat the ‘Prepare Count Sheets' steps above as needed.
  15. This will create a count number to be printed in the Print tab.
Print Count Sheets
  1. When you are ready to print the count sheets, click on the Print tab in the Print Inventory Count Sheets window.
  2. In the Count Number field, select the count number to print (from the prepare count sheets step above).
  3. Check the Preview checkbox to preview the count sheets before printing.
  4. Click the Print button.
  5. The count sheets will print.
Take Count
  1. The count sheets include the following information:
    1. Section # (the row numbers of each line)
    2. Product ID (the unique number assigned to the
    3. Description
    4. Lot/Serial # (if applicable)
    5. Location (warehouse)
    6. Count (a blank box for you to enter a number)
    7. Unit (i.e. Each, Box, Dozen, etc.)
  2. Start counting. Manually count each product on your count sheet.
  3. Enter the amount of each product you have on your shelves in the Count column of the count sheet.
    • Important Note: Keep in mind that the count should be based on the inventory PRIOR to transactions that affect inventory (i.e. receipts and sales orders).
      For receipts and sales orders entered during the count process:
      • Mark incoming Inventory Receipts as “Do Not Inventory” (DNI) and don’t include them in the count
      • Record count quantities BEFORE picking inventory for sales orders that must ship during the count
Enter & Post Count
  1. After the physical count is done, gather the count sheets back together and enter the count numbers into the system.
  2. Select Inventory > Enter Count, which will open the Inventory Count Entry window.
  3. Select the proper count sheet number in the Count Sheet field.
  4. Enter the count numbers that are recorded on the count sheets.
  5. If the count is zero, enter zero. If you leave the count quantity blank, Acctivate will skip the item as if you did not count it.
  6. When you are done, click the Print button to print a count report that includes the count quantity.
  7. Review the count report and make sure it is accurate before continuing.
  8. When you are certain that the count was entered correctly, click the Post to Inventory button.
  9. Acctivate will adjust the inventory according to the Variance report.

Need to close Acctivate before you finish entering your count? Acctivate auto saves the count quantity as you go offering flexibility to stop a count and return to it later!

Variance Report
  1. Upon posting the count to inventory, the system will prompt you to print the Variance Report, which shows the variance (changes) between the old and new inventory levels. From the Report Selection Criteria window that automatically opens, the count sheet number will already be selected, so that you can view and/or print the report for that specific count.
  2. Click the Print button to print the Variance Report for the count or the Preview button to view it first.

Congratulations! You've now completed your inventory count in Acctivate.