Troubleshooting Positive Credit Memo Sync Error

Positive Credit Memo sync error

Ordinarily credit memos are negative transactions due to the return of goods to inventory and negative amount removed from your accounts. But there is one scenario that does not work when attempting to keep the overall Total Amount negative.



Product 1 is added to the Memo with a quantity of -1
– A negative is used by default by the system for Credit Memo’s.
Product 2 is added to the Memo with a quantity of +1

Product 1’s price is set to $1.00 making the line total = -$1.00
Product 2’s price is set to $2.00 making the line total = +$2.00

So far the Total Amount for the Credit Memo would be +$1.00 which would make this transaction appear as a Sales Order.

In order to keep the Credit Memo negative a discount amount could be used. Going back to our example.

Add a Discount Amount of +$2.00

The Credit Memo now has a Total Amount of -$1.00

By appearances the Credit Memo is set up correctly. However, when running the subsequent sync with QuickBooks you will receive the following error:

‘Error Invoice SubmitInvoiceBatch: error while creating invoice XXXXX {GUIDInvoice}: There was an error when saving a Invoice. QuickBooks error message: Transaction amount must be positive.

The reason for this issue is how QuickBooks reads the Invoice information. First the detail lines are calculated, which displays to QuickBooks as a Sales Order invoice, but the discount causes the total to then become negative which is not indicative of a Credit Memo.

The solution: create a Sales Order, rather than a Credit Memo, to document this transaction.