Printing Purchase Orders Individually or in a Batch.

Users have two options for printing Purchase Orders: 1. Print Purchase Orders individually 2. Print a batch of Purchase Orders

Print an Individual Purchase Order

  1. Open a Purchase Order by going to Purchasing > Purchase Order or clicking the Purchase Order button on the icon bar
  2. If you know the Purchase Order number, type it in the PO Number box and press the Tab key on your keyboard. If you need to look it up, select the magnifying glass next to the PO Number box on the window. When using the look up window, you can filter on fields, such as PO Number, Vendor Name, Vendor Product ID, etc.
  3. To use the default form, click the printer icon. If you want to select a specific Purchase Order report or email the form rather than print, select the drop down menu next to the printer icon.
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Print a Batch of Purchase Orders

  1. Go to Purchasing > Purchase Order Manager
  2. While on the Purchase Orders bar, click on any of the buttons to view POs in a particular status. Optionally, add additional filters using the Filter button.
  3. Check off the POs to print or email and use the Action menu to Print or Email Purchase Orders.

Print New Purchase Orders
To quickly find Purchase Orders which haven't been printed or emailed, you can create a custom Button in the Purchase Order Manager. You may wish to copy an existing button, such as the Issued button and then add the following filter:
- Printed = No

Check off the rows and select Print Purchase Orders or Email Purchase Orders from the Action menu. Printing or emailing a Purchase Order will move the PO from this button.

Reprint Purchase Orders
To reprint a batch of POs, you can apply additional filters to an existing button in the PO Manager:
1. In the Purchase Order Manager, select either the Open button or one of the status buttons, then click the Filter button and add the additional filters:

    - To Reprint All Printed,  add the filter:
        - Printed = Yes
    - To Reprint PO Issued on a specific date, click on the Issue button and add the filters:
        - Printed = Yes
        - Issued Date = 'M/D/YY’
    - To Reprint a range of POs, click on the Open button and add the filters:
        - Printed = Yes
        - PO Number 'is between' [FirstQuote] and [LastQuote]
3. After filtering the button, check off the rows and select Print Purchase Orders or Email Purchase Orders from the Action menu.