Printing sales orders.

Use the Print Order option from the printer button at the top of the order window to print one individually. For batches, go to Sales > Print Orders and set your criteria.

Acctivate has the ability to print directly from a Sales Order, as well as printing Orders in batches. Below you will find steps for both options:

Print Individual Sales Order

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  1. After all pertinent information is entered on the Sales Order window, either click the Print icon or select the drop down arrow next to the icon.
  2. When selecting from the drop down, choose the appropriate option based on the reports listed. There will be a Print and Email option for each report.
  3. A preview window will open to show you how the report will print (open pdf attachment when emailing to view document).
  4. Select the Print button from the preview to select the proper printer or elect to Save as another file type.
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Print Sales Orders in a Batch

You can print multiple Sales Orders in a batch by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Sales -> Print Sales Orders from the title menu.5-24-2016 12-09-27 PM
  2. The Print Orders window will open up for the user to select the printing criteria. You can toggle between printing Sales Orders or Service Orders, as well as which report to utilize by selecting the proper Report ID. All order forms will be available for use when you have multiple order reports.
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  3. If reprinting orders, select Reprint Orders and enter the criteria from the original print process based on All (every order previously printed),  Entered on (order entry date), and Orders (range of order numbers).
    5-24-2016 12-10-21 PM
  4.  When the report Preview comes up, it will list the order numbers associated with the selected criteria from step 2 or 3 above. At the top, you see the list of page numbers (63 total orders printed in the screen shot). Users can navigate through each order by using the arrows next to the page numbers or by clicking on any of the order numbers listed on the left hand side.
    5-24-2016 12-10-52 PM
  5. Once you close the Preview window, a window will open asking if your Orders printed properly. If they did not print properly, you may enter the last order number that printed correctly and press Restart. If you choose to Cancel, this will save the settings as if they have not been printed at all.
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