Printing specific pages or multiple copies of a report as a PDF.

Steps to print certain pages of a report or print additional copies when printing as a PDF.

Acctivate allows users to easily print specific pages or more than one copy of a report. Simply export your report to PDF before printing, which gives you access to different print options, including print range and number of copies to be printed.

To print certain pages and/or more than one copy of a report:

  1. Select the report you want to print by opening the Reports window
  2. Specify the criteria for the report in the Report Selection Criteria window.
  3. Click Preview.
    1. report 1
    2. NOTE: The Print button will send reports directly to print using the chosen printer’s current settings which may not always be what you need.
  4. In the Acctivate Report Preview window, click the Export Report button.
    1. report 2
  5. Set the following fields, Format: Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and Destination: Application in the Report window to open a PDF file of the report, then click OK.
    1. report 3
  6. Use the Export Options window to choose the page range of the pages you want to export or All to export the whole report to PDF. You will also have a chance to choose the page range from the PDF’s Print window.
    1. report 4
  7. Navigate to the folder where you saved the PDF, then double click the file to open it.
  8. Click File > Print in your PDF reader to open the Print window. Here, have the option to select a Print Range and/or number of Copies. When finished, click OK to print.
    1. report 5