What conditions must be met to print a pick ticket when using batch printing or Acctivate mobile warehouse management?

Orders must meet multiple qualifications to be eligible for picking when using Acctivate Mobile or when batch printing using Order Manager or the Print Pick Tickets utility.

 The main qualifications are as follows:

  1. Customer is in good credit standing
  2. Sales Order Status must be 'Scheduled' 
  3. At least one Sales Order line must have Scheduled Quantities
  4. Shipping Dates are within range
  5. Workflow Status must be set to one of the following: Ready to Pick, Pick on Hold, Pick In Progress

Additional considerations when picking from a mobile device:

  1. Days to Pick options filter when orders are eligible to pick
  2. User Permissions for "Print Pick Ticket and Shipping Documents" under the Sales Order permissions
  3. Mobile Order picking options 

When utilizing the Print Pick Ticket utility, a Pick Ticket already marked as being printed will not print again until the Sales Order is rescheduled or the user chooses to reprint Pick Tickets. The rescheduling occurs in 2 instances:

  1. Reset the Schedule directly on the Sales Order or through Sales Order Management
  2. Invoice the Picked quantities and setting Order Status to Scheduled